Friday, March 9, 2018

Gisbert Jacoby (3.v.1943 - 1.iii.2018)

The former CEO of ChessBase, chess trainer from Hamburg, Gisbert Jacoby has died eight days ago. There is an obituary on ChessBase by André Schulz about him with a few photos.

My favorite candidate 2018 is Ding Liren

Just for the record, my favorite candidate 2018 is Ding Liren. I believe that he would be able to give Carlsen a highly interesting match. Could he beat Carlsen? Only if the stars align. But then in spectacular fashion.

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Zinar's five knight promotions in the pawn endgame

On the task of five knight promotions in the pawn endgame, Mikhail Zinar now has shown a great study.

You must have JavaScript enabled to see the entries, Zinar's entry is of 14 February 2018. I shall edit this post to reprint it here in a few days.

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Jan Timman 65 JT - award

The award of Jan Timman 65 JT is available not only as special supplement for eg but also on ChessBase now, courtesy Yochanan Afek.

Friday, January 19, 2018

17 January 2008: The lone king wanders off...

Ten years ago, on 17 January 2008, Bobby Fischer has died.
I remember going into the chess club at Friday evening that week, and being told by my fellow player Uli G. whilst going into the basement room in the hotel in my home city that Bobby Fischer has died. I'm not sure if I cried that night, or if it was later. I went on to buy the New In Chess that dealt with Bobby Fischer afterwards. "The lone king has wandered off...", the title story of van Geuzendam proclaimed, detailing Fischer's life - and death - in Iceland.

Two new ChessBase articles are interesting to read now, ten years later.

ChessBase has found an interesting coincidence: 17 January 1951 was the first public appearance of a young jewish American chess prodigy. His name? Robert James Fischer. "Bobby".

Another article on ChessBase deals with the last days of Iceland's most famous grandmaster...

Monday, November 27, 2017

[German] SCHACH-Fragen diesmal mit Arno Zude

In der neuen Ausgabe von SCHACH, Nr. 12/2017, ist unser Spitzenlöser Arno Zude bei den Schach-Fragen auserwählt worden, weil er nun in der Schachbundesliga recht gute Ergebnisse geholt hat. Lesenswert, auch wenn er nicht übers Problemlösen schreibt! Da lohnt Silvio Baiers Artikel vor zwei Monaten.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Wie sieht eigentlich ein Youtube-Award aus?

Rechtsanwalt Christian Solmecke hat einen solchen Award in Silber für 100k Subscriber erhalten - inzwischen sind es schon 173k geworden - und demonstriert das in seinem heutigen Video: